I was born on April 28, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland where I have lived all my life. The youngest of two siblings, and raise by a single mother of three. I love to spend time with my family, and closest friends. Many would consider me the goofball of the bunch. Always doing stuff to make people laugh, and have fun. I would like to be consider a down to eather person, and easy going. Yet as my name would imply I do have my moments of rage. Hence my love for aggressive personalities.

I Know Now That Life Is Not About Living Forever, But Living With Yourself Forever. And You Can’t Be The Last Of Anything Because By And By There Won’t Be Any Left At All. But Passing On……..Thats Dead Certain. I Am My Own Hero Because I Know In My Heart Ima Make It Wit My Head Held High Thru All The Bull%#&@$! And The Struggle. With My Goals Comes A Meaning. It’s Not Always ABout How Much Money You Have Or Make. Its About The Mark You Leave In This World

It was known early on that even as a child I was always very fond of the camera. It give me a since of comfort, and allow me to relax. So I enjoy every moment I have in front of the camera. I consider myself a nudist and you will find most of the shoots I have done to date are nude, semi-nude, or implied nude.

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